Love and concerts are the year’s focus on Gröna Lund

By on April 29, 2018

A tivoli built on true love is celebrated with weddings in the roller coaster

Yesterday, April 28th, we opened the gates to tivoli’s 135th year. A jubilee year where we choose to highlight some of Tivoli’s history that paved the way for the amusement park that stands here today. Gröna Lund is based on a true love story. In the 1930s there were two tivoli on each side of the General alley. On one side was Gröna Lund, and on the other side was the Nöjesfältet. Equally strong as the disgust was between the two tivolis directors, equally budding was the love between their children Ninni (daughter of Gröna Lund’s CEO Gustaf Nilsson) and John (son of the amusement field’s CEO Johan Lindgren). As long as their fathers were alive, they could only be seen in secret, but when both tivoli directors died 1940, could the love couple come forward and get married. Therefore, we celebrate love a bit extra during our 135th anniversary, among other through that June 16 for the first time ever let wed a couple in our roller coaster Jetline.

Over 70 concerts, three new children performances and 91 dance nights

Never have been so much entertainment on Gröna Lund’s scenes as this year. Summer offers over 70 concerts at the Big and Little Stages, where we among others can see Marilyn Manson, Silvana Imam, Gene Simmons, Thåström and Tove Lo. Three new children performances are set up this year, where Kotte & Vera entertain in spring and autumn, Tobbe Wizard is back and performs throughout June and Mojje is in charge of child entertainment throughout July. If you like dancing, you can enjoy 91 dance nights where we offer everything from star dance bands to tango, salsa, salsa cubana and bachata, which are new to this year.

Poké Bowl – another step on Gröna Lund’s food trip

A few years ago, Gröna Lund launched a investment on the food in the theme park, with the aim that even the restaurants and food places should be worth a visit. With this, Jonas Dahlbom was also employed as creative culinary leader, which has already resulted in three new restaurants; Fiesta Taqueria & Bar, the Terrace and Hekto BBQ. This year we open a new food kiosk that serves Poké Bowls, a richer sushi salad containing salmon, chicken or tofu (with various accessories).

With Gröna Lund’s entrance card Gröna Kortet you have free entrance the whole season, including all concerts. The Green Card costs 270 SEK and can be bought at Gröna Lund’s webshop. 

See the list here>>


Kotte & Vera – April, May, August and September at. 13 & 15 on the Little Stage
Tobbe Wizard – All June at. 13 & 15 on the Little Stage
Mojje – all of July at. 13 & 15 on the Little Stage


(Free trial-on-course at 18:00 before each salsa, tango, salsa cubana and bachata)

See the list here>>

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm