Local | World champions ready for the World Cup – round of freestyle motocross at the Friends Arena

By on February 21, 2016

It is a strong field coming to Friends Arena and World Championships race in freestyle motocross, FIM FMX World Championship Night of the Jumps. The entire four former world champions are in the starting field when the World Cup for the first time come to Sweden on Friday 4 March.

That we get some of the very best riders to the race in Sweden guarantees a wonderfully exciting and entertaining contest, says Martin Englund, head of events at the Friends Arena.

Freestyle Motocross, FMX, is one of the motorsport world’s most spectacular events. With high jumps and advanced tricks judged riders on several criteria. The World Cup races taking place over a whole year in various locations around the world, where about 20 riders compete individually.

A strong field occupies Friends Arena where we among other see the reigning world champion Maikel Melero from Spain in 2015, in the last round, secured his second straight title with two points ahead of runner-up, David Rinaldo from France.

My career has taken me around the world, but unfortunately I never had the opportunity to compete in Sweden says Maikel Melero. After two successful years with as many world titles I really feel in top form and with a few new tricks in the trunk, I am ready for this year’s World Cup season. I’m looking forward to finally come to Sweden to invite the audience in Stockholm in a really cool evening!

Ready riders of Night of the Jumps in Stockholm:

Maikel Melero (Spain) – World Champion 2015 & 2014
David Rinaldo (France) World Champion in 2013, silver medalist in 2015
Remi Bizouard (France) World Champion 2008, 2009 & 2012
Libor Podmol (Czech Republic) – World Champion 2010
Rob Adelberg (Australia) – Bronze Medalist 2015
Petr Pilat (Czech Republic) – European Champion 2015

Hannes Ackermann (Germany)
Marc Pinyol (Spain)
Brice Izzo (France)
Jose Miralles (Spain)
Massimo Bianconcini (Italy)

Tickets for Night of the Jumps is found at friendsarena.se/

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