Local | Travel through the historic Caucasus lecture in raw silk tracks

By on April 6, 2016

Caucasus has ever since my first visit was one of my favorite regions – great history, beautiful scenery, good food and friendly people say globetrotter Peter Grip, founder and owner of the travel company Kon-Tikiresor. In 2010, succeeded Peter as the youngest Swedish visit all countries of the world.

Thursday, April 14, at 17:30, place Livrustkammaren, he tells of a journey from the Muslim Azerbajdjzan, which today is characterized by modern grandiose buildings and millennia-old petroglyphs. The journey continues through Georgia, the wine’s origin with scenic views of towering mountains. The ultimate goal, the isolated Armenia, offers a rich history with Greek temples and the world’s oldest churches and monasteries – and great food.

Location Livrustkammaren, Thursday, April 14 at 17.30, SEK 100

Book here: 06-402 30 30, weekdays 9-12, lrk.bokning@lsh.se

In raw silk track is a small exhibition in the Livrustkammaren of a forgotten chapter in Swedish history of Swedish trade by Russia with silk from Persia in the 1680s. The items shown include Queen Kristinas silk coat, a sword of gold from the Shah in Isfahan, a command stick from Armenia, a dagger from Georgia and Olof Rudbecks whole Atlantica.
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