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By on October 20, 2015
During four exclusive evenings at the Scala Theatre will Tomas Andersson Wij sit on stage with another artist. Tomas Andersson Wij play withpremieres Sept. 30 with Jonathan Johansson and continues with Melissa Horn (October 18), Sofia Karlsson (28 October), as well as Kleerup and Mauro Scocco (17 November). Together, TAW and the artists play their songs in acoustic versions, change songs, jamming together and talk about their work processes as well as life and love.

During three seasons made artist and former journalist Tomas Andersson Wij live interviews at the Theatre Brunnsgatan Fyrås scene. Long, personal talks with famous people, he was curious. Tomas Andersson Wij talking to,” as it was called, continues this autumn with: “Tomas Andersson Wij play with.”

I have chosen artists who I have things in common with, say Tomas Andersson Wij. Mauro Scocco and I have been singing each other’s songs both live and on record. Kleerup I got to know on Gotland last summer. We sat in his garden with a nylon guitar and played Cohen and Pink Floyd. Sofia Karlsson and I have performed together several times, I love to sing with her. Jonathan Johansson’s grandfather and my grandfather was a Baptist pastors and best friends. We have much in common. Melissa Horn and I have kept in touch since she was my guest at Brunnsgatan. Melissa is always described as timid, but she’s also funny and fast. Think it could be special evenings. We will not practice too much. Most of it will happen in the moment.

Play Date Tomas Andersson Wij play with” on Scalateatern
Sept 30 Jonathan Jackson
October 18 Melissa Horn
October 28 Sofia Karlsson
November 17 Kleerup and Mauro Scocco

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