Local | This year’s eagle owl released in the Stockholm archipelago

By on September 5, 2016

In February hatched three eagle owl eggs at Skansen. There were two males and one female. Now, in September, they were large enough to survive in the wild and released today in various locations in the archipelago.

Skansen has placed the eagle owl kids in the Stockholm archipelago every year since the 80s. It goes to that they are ringed, weighed and measured by the ring marker Alar Broberg who is responsible for the work of eagle owls in the Archipelago Foundation’s project Living Archipelago.

With on today’s release was also Skansens Linda Törngren, eagle owl attendant Janine Wolinder and Gunnar Hjertstrand from the Archipelago Foundation.

The babies are placed at various suitable places where the eagle owl has bred earlier. Taking into account food access and proximity to other owls. Eagle owls are territorial and do not like it too close to each other.

In the Stockholm archipelago are only 10 active eagle owl territory and they do not succeed every year with their breeding. Therefore, it is important to continue to support the population of the archipelago.

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