Local | The Salazar Brothers at Södra Bar

By on July 9, 2016

Swedish hip hop began somewhere with Latin Kings founded by, among others Salla and Cheppe. Since that day, The Salazar Brothers existed, Salla, Chepe and Masse is The Salazar Brothers. Masse 2012 won a Grammy Award for the Year’s producer. They touring as a group, DJ’s or with their Redline Workshop.

The Salazar Brothers consists of producers Masse Salazar, Salla Salazar and Chepe Salazar. TSB has worked with Swedish urban music since the early 90s, they have produced everything from The Latin Kings to Mando Diao. TSB has over the years worked as DJ’s, pushing publishers, record labels, studio and sometimes their own club. Today they work primarily as producers and songwriters with various artists in Sweden, Chile, USA and Germany. The Salazar Brothers are working with hip-hop, rock, reggae, RnB, urban, etc.
Fri July 15, 2016 Södra Bar Stockholm
Fri July 22, 2016 Södra Bar Stockholm
Fri August 5, 2016 Södra Bar Stockholm
Fri 12 August, 2016 Södra Bar Stockholm
Fri 19 August, 2016 Södra Bar Stockholm
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