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By on May 6, 2016

The Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016 – an homage to complexity and diversity

Solidarity, value and meaning is created jointly by 177 newly graduated visual arts teachers, master’s and bachelor’s students from 15 different programmes.

With its 177 graduating students, The Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016 is an incredibly multifaceted experience. A complexity which through its size and diversity defies the way we simplify our view the world and the times we live in. Here, several well-needed alternatives are provided in times of one-sided world views and populist forces.

“As early as the 1970s, the French philosopher Jacques Ellul spoke of thinking globally but acting locally, and of how taking responsibility in our everyday actions together with others provides us with solidarity, value and meaning. Students at Konstfack show how global phenomena that chafe and irritate, in the form of existential and practical questions and issues, can be addressed and taken further – here and now. These acts, in the form of impressions from Konstfack, have been part of everyday human life since 1844 and as such, has influenced society on a number of levels. In the 2016 Degree Exhibition, we continue to show commitment, care and candour in a time which might need it more than ever,”, says Vice-Chancellor, Maria Lantz.

For the second year in a row, the Degree Exhibition has been curated by Jonas Nobel and Fredrik Stenberg of Uglycute, a design and architecture office that expands the concept of design by cross-pollinating it with art and architecture.

“Simplified world views and polarisations of ‘right and wrong’ or ‘ugly and pretty’ lead to one-sided interpretations of reality and, in the long term, the suppression of interpretations. The Konstfack Degree Exhibition is an homage to diversity and in order to clarify these vital concepts we have chosen to let the University’s departments intermingle in the exhibition for the second year in a row. The Degree Exhibition is also a way to peek into the future, as the participating students will change society in their future career roles,”, says Jonas Nobel.

The artist, designer and sculptor Olof Svenblad won the graphic design competition for this year’s Degree Exhibition. He previously studied at the Graphic Design and Illustration/Visual Communication programme at Konstfack and received his master’s in the spring of 2015.
“This year’s graphic identity focuses on variations and distortions, decoration and transformation, our need for each other and everyone’s right to uniqueness,” says Olof Svenblad.

The Konstfack Degree Exhibition 2016 opens on Wednesday 12 May at noon (official opening at 4 pm) and runs until Sunday 22 May.

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