Local | The hardest school subject becomes a game in mathematical garden on Djurgården

By on June 30, 2016
With the goal of making one of the most difficult school subjects into a compelling game for both large and small creates Technical Museum a mathematical garden along the entire front of the museum – free and open to all. There will be 2,000 square meters filled with slides, mazes, musical instruments, art and plants where mathematics is both beautiful and playful.

At the Technical Museum is currently undergoing tremendous transformation – the vision is becoming all the little geniuses favorite place by creating experiences that are both fun and educational. The next big step is to create a mathematical garden – a playful transformation of the 2,000-square-foot area in front of the museum building. It is the visitor’s first encounter with the museum that will inspire all curious children and young people to continue to explore and experiment to new knowledge.

Mathematics is one of the topics that both teachers and students think are among the most difficult, while the need for precisely this knowledge will be greater than ever to cope with the major challenges we are facing, says Peter Skogh, museum director. – We want to supplement classroom learning with play, own discovery and exploration, and hope to find a business partner with shares our enthusiasm to inspire children and young people.
The theme of the garden is the mathematics found in nature and art in the form of patterns, symmetry, golden proportions, number series and fractals. There are particular a slide in the form of a nautilus shell, a fence inspired by the von Kockska the fractal, a jump field with the Fibonacci series of numbers and a turtle with a magic square encapsulated in the shell. It also xylophones and a dance mat illustrating the mathematical relationship that exists between tones. In planting boxes grow sunflowers and daisies where the Golden Section proportions recur in every flower, and Pergo gloss ceilings take the form of a branches that follow the Fibonacci series of numbers. Throughout the garden runs the Golden Section spiral shape, and mathematical patterns seen everywhere.
Last fall opened science center Megamind – Technical museum’s biggest investment since its inception in 1936. Since then the museum has both reached record audiences and won several awards – including Museum of the Year – for its efforts to make technology and science fun and accessible for everyone. The museum recently won the prestigous international award The Gago Ecsite Award 2016 “Strategic Partnership Award for innovative co-creation work in Megamind.
Planned opening ceremony: June 2017
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