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By on May 20, 2016
On May 23 is the premiere of Technical Museum’s latest venture Maker Tour. The goal is to spread the knowledge of what a “maker” may be and inspire more young people to dare to produce, rather than just consume.

A bus will be loaded. With ritrobotar, circuit boards, littleBits, tools, tents and tons of inspiration for makers around the country. Technical Museum wants to Maker Tour arouse curiosity for technology, science and creativity. By offering activities such as switching to electricity, creativity, ease of programming and problem solving, the aim is to spread the maker movement’s spirit and work way beyond the museum’s walls and that more children and young people should see that they with simple means can create themselves and with others.

Many children and youth are makers without knowing it and many can through this tour get inspired to be. Technical Museum, see a great value in spreading awareness of this movement to a young generation in Sweden – future innovators, says Technical Museum Director Peter Skogh.

The tour’s initial destination is the Kronoberg County, where 22 classes from 16 schools will be visited by the Museum of Technology and their shocking pink Maker Tour bus. Kronoberg has during the spring pushed the project Towards new heights, also this aim to increase students’ interest in science, technology and mathematics and to find venues and forms of cooperation between schools and industry.

We have received many positive reactions to us, says Marcus Brunskog, project manager for Towards new heights. Pupils say that this has been the funniest thing they ever did in school, they have learned to work together and discuss their way to different solutions. Everything in true Maker spirit! Technical Museum Maker Tour will be one of the year’s highlights for many of these students and teachers.

Tour schedule

23 / 5-1 / 6: School Tour in Kronoberg
28/5 10-12: Vaxjo library, Vårsta
28/5 13-15: People’s University, Vaxjo
29/5 at 13-18 Grand Samarkand, Växjö
16 / 8-20 / 8 at 12-19: Culture Festival North Bridge, Stockholm
27/8: Inland Day, Insjön

The tour schedule is updated regularly throughout the year.

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