Local | Stockholm’s film festival STOCKmotion explores the films healing power at Filmhuset

By on September 1, 2016

On September 29 to October 1 is STOCKmotion arranged, a festival where every Stockholms filmmakers, regardless of age, showcasing their films and compete for a prize pool of over 400 000. At this year’s festival we ask ourselves among other questions how film can help against mental illness and how to continue making movies after starting a new life in a new country.

Film Stockholm arranges for the third year STOCKmotion, a film festival where the short film will be in focus when new and cheaper technology has made it possible for more filmmakers to express themselves.

The purpose of STOCKmotion is to create an arena where both the more established filmmakers and school children who have made their very first film can meet. At this year’s STOCKmotion shown over 70 films made by filmmakers, who are based in the Stockholm area.

We are proud to have a film program with great breadth, from 8-year-old Botkyrkabon Ludvig Magnusson’s The bus to Sweden premiere of Dawid Ullgrens Mr. Sugar Daddy, which is also taken out to the film festival in Toronto says Rafael Franco, the film program coordinator at STOCKmotion.

See the entire STOCKmotion, film and seminar program at www.stockmotion.se.

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