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By on December 4, 2015

Stockholm’s best big band and Georg Riedel!

Ekdahl & Bagge Big Band performs its last concert of the fall on Tuesday 15 December at the Scala Theatre in Stockholm. Guest artist is the composer and bassist Georg Riedel.

It is a loaded 81year-old who shows up at the Scala Theatre stage with younger colleagues in Ekdahl & Bagge Big Band. Georg Riedel think it will be exciting to meet this new band, and brings music composed in different periods of his life. Including a suite for big band. The double bass is also included.

Carl Bagge: We are very pleased that a giant like Georg wants to share his vast experience and make music with us at the Scala Theatre.” Per Ekdahl continues: George is obviously well known to most through his immortal children’s songs, but in music circles, he is also highly respected as a jazz musician and composer, one of the largest we have.

Ekdahl & Bagge Big Band started in autumn 2014 and consists of 16 musicians from Stockholm and Sweden’s absolute top layer. The band gives continuous concerts at the Scala Theatre in Stockholm, and the concert on December 15 will be the band’s tenth in line.

Among the artists who earlier visited the band at Scala include Magnus Carlsson (weeping willows), Rebecka Törnqvist, Johan Lindström (Tonbruket), Jan Allan, Rigmor Gustafsson, Kleerup, Isabella Lundgren and Svante Thuresson.

The two band leaders, Carl Bagge and Per Ekdahl, got to know each other during a recording session with Anne Sofie von Otter. They discovered a common interest in composing and arranging for big bands, but felt that it lacked opportunities. From there it was a short step to why don’t we start our own band?”.

A collaboration began with Conrad Nyqvist, then newly appointed co-owner of the Scala Theatre. Conrad who previously ran places like Glenn Miller Café, Mosebacke Etablissement and Strand took direct interest in the idea of starting up a solid concert series with the big band. With a storied theater, a cozy bar for mingling between sets, a cozy bistro, and now also a jazz club in the basement, Scala proved to be the perfect place.

See you at the Scala Theatre on Tuesday, December 15th!

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