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By on June 29, 2016
Is there anything in common between the lido on Bullerö and football at Tyresövallen? Yes, both places have had significance for people in HBTQI movement. In order to draw attention to more places and stories within the movement, we operate in Stockholm County Museum and The Museum Unstraight together project: Stockholm Region Unstraight which is in its second and final year. The project aims primarily to draw attention to places that have been significant to HBTQI persons and that these persons narratives eventually become incorporated into the general historiography. Now we want to get more suggestions for places and stories from the public. Help us write new history!
“We need to receive tips about places in the county that have been important for HBTQI-people. It can be a place where one can be oneself without concern for the prevailing social norms or places where the events took place which helped to change the law, “urges Annelie Kurttila, Head of Public and knowledge in the Stockholm County Museum and also the initiator of the project. “Maybe there are places linked to individuals or groups that have been important and that we should tell more about? We are also interested in personal stories “continues Annelie.
The material will be displayed on each organization’s website, in a digital guide with audio files, and possibly on the billboards in the municipalities and the National Heritage Board’s database PlatsR. In addition to the project leads to in-depth expertise in the museum to utilize a marginalized group’s cultural heritage, the work can lead to the development of methods for other knowledge-building projects with similar issues. This leads to new historical descriptions and in the public space, which in turn can contribute to a greater diversity of historiography.
According to Annelie is the primary target people within HBTQI movement. “By working with a group that has previously been absent in the county’s cultural historiography we hope for a greater inclusion and participation in the creation and cultivation of the county’s heritage. But also students in grades 7-9 are an important target group. The content of the curriculum of history in grades 7-9 will be the starting point for educational work.”
Are you interested in to contribute with stories, and you might have pictures of places or events? Then you can upload images in the county museum image database Contemporary Image, our platform for the collection of digital photography: http://stockholmslansmuseum.se/faktabanken/samtidsbild/. Or emailing us at the addresses below.

The project is funded with the support of the County Administrative Board of Stockholm.

For more information or contact:

annelie.kurttila@stockholmslansmuseum.se, Head of Public and knowledge, Stockholm County Museum. elisabeth.boogh@stockholmslansmuseum.se, photo curator, Stockholm County Museum

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