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By on March 29, 2016

We are sitting right now in the front row of a large square room with black surfaces suitable for various performances. In the middle of the room hangs a white curtain with long lines painted on them. The curtain swaying slowly and dreamily, as if it was blowing a little on the stage. It lies a soft light across the floor and over the first three rows. Those who sit at the back sometimes wonder what I’m sitting at the front talking about. I am here to interpret a dance performance for you, a story of what is seen on stage but also a story in itself.

Shapes of States tracks the body’s political history by linking the 1920 public health ideals with today’s workout ideal. What makes the daily body shaping – in work, exercise and living – our ideas about healthy body politic? With the support of Meyerhold biomechanics develops dancers Shapes of States a movement language far from the ideas of natural behavior. In a series of dances is told rather than a broken story about our confidence in the flesh disciplining.

The performance will be audio description to offer multiple perspectives on how we can understand the dance forms and content.

Stina Nyberg is a state-choreographer who works both in Sweden and internationally. She trained as a dancer at the Ballet Academy and the master’s program in choreography at DOCH in Stockholm. Her work is always based on a feminist view of the body: its social, biological and political construction and the ability to move. She often chooses to work in cooperation with others including as part of the group collection, and consider way to work on that part of the artistic work. She has previously choreographed the show Splendour, the band The Knife Show shaking the habitual and Tones & Bones for Cullberg Ballet.

Premiere March 30 at. 20:00. Playing also 1 and 2 April at. 20:00.

Read more about “Shapes of States”: www.mdtsthlm.se

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