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By on February 21, 2016

Sasha Waltz is one of the world’s most talked about and trendsetting choreographers and opera directors, her performances have had an impact far beyond the dance scenes. Now she comes to Stockholm in a unique collaboration with the Royal Ballet when she for the first time given away one of her creations Körper (bodies) – to another ensemble other than her own dance company.

Sasha Waltz (born 1963 in Karlsruhe) started her dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests in Berlin in 1993. Today, the Company has more than 30 works in its repertoire and touring around the world.

Sasha Waltz work from the doctor’s way of looking at the body as a research object. With Körper Sasha Waltz harbors no ambition to seduce the audience by highlighting something romantic and beautiful. Instead, she wants the audience to take a doctor’s position and abstract study of the body. Its body parts, organs, movement and rhythm. By linking architecture and body poses the question: What is the body and how it is constructed?
Sasha Waltz studied bodies in everyday situations. She observes their substance, their nakedness, their rhythm. She measures and weighs them, counts hair, depletes the body fluids, replace organs. She arranges 13 dancer’s bodies in different patterns to create a series of vivid images.
The Berlin Wall and the wound it left behind when it disappeared are important for the performance interplay between body and space. In Berlin, there is also the Jewish Museum in shape and structure is reminiscent of the Holocaust. For the museum’s concrete-clad gap in memory of the Holocaust created Sascha Waltz in 2000, a work, and part of that work has become Körper.
In Körper which had Scandinavian premiere at the Royal Opera’s main stage on February 19 at 19:00 challenging Sasha Waltz and the Royal Ballet audience’s perceptions of the body.
“The Body in Art” lecture by Patrik Steorn the 2/3 18.00 in Guldfoajén.
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