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By on January 12, 2016

Livrustkammaren, can manifest as children’s museum. It shows the 2015 visit results where almost 40 percentage points of which are children and youth under 19 years, a gradual increase in recent years, says Malin Grundberg. With our Knight Club we also reach out to families with children all around Sweden. Castle Mouse, an educational “signposts boxfor families with children and preschool and grades 0-3, which activates all the senses on a tour through the museum has this year been lent to more than 2,200 children, a doubling compared to last year.

Family Exhibition on standard breaking princess
At the end of April this year, the exhibition So do princesses, based on Per Gustavsson’s books about the standard breaking princess. In the exhibition, we highlight objects from Livrustkammarens collections, related to princes and princesses throughout history. It is aimed primarily at children between three and six years.

Death’s theater, the large temporary exhibition, opened in March 2015 and who takes up a serious, heavy” topics are not as audiences attractive as the previous year’s Power games a costume drama in the Livrustkammaren, , says Malin Grundberg. The years visit figures therefore show a decrease.

In autumn visits Medici family in beautiful Renaissance costumes Livrustkammaren. There are works by Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave who during 20 years developed collections – colorful and sophisticated suits, made of paper in body size, where past and present meet. They have been exhibited in many parts of the world. Now showing her most extravagant collection of 28 costumes for the first time in Sweden and Scandinavia.
The exhibition opens on 16 September and on display until March 19, 2017

On February 1, introduced free admission to the museum.
Today’s viewing all the open days: SEK 60
Audio guide: adults 40 SEK and children 20 SEK

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