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By on September 8, 2016

It is time for a new edition of Home, Villa and Condominium at Stockholm International Fairs. 6 to 9 October visitors can expect some new activities, and profiles of the exhibition while it continues to be a major focus on knowledge and advice. Last year’s success Condominium Day is also with this year and will take place on Saturday.

To renovate the home is not only associated with big smiles and painless implementation. There can also be a problem for relationships within the family. This will Pirre (Pierre Starrin) and Mackan (Marcus Nylhén) discuss at one of the scenes. The duo are known from the television productions “New Angry Carpenter” and “Summer with Ernst”. They have great experience and will give their best tips to avoid pitfalls during a renovation.
Visitors get the chance to test their way – more news
The market is full of various tools. It is not entirely clear what you need in your home, or how to use them safely and correctly. The Power Tool bar will be an opportunity to test a range of different types of tools, while visitors are guided by Pirre and Mackan. There is also a good chance for tips and advice. In Carpenter’s lab, visitors can build their own stool as carpenter Björn Christiernsson, known from a number of television programs, developed. Crafts School is a place that is a little wider. Here it will be everything from painting, wallpapering and classic carpentry with the help of a number of skilled craftsmen.
Never have there been more opportunities to test, be inspired or get advice like this years. With the diversity of exhibitors, fun activities, and profiles on the site we offer an opportunity to realize your housing dreams, says project manager Göran Ekberg.

New house and wood exhibition
The trend to build new houses continues. At the fair there will be a house from Hjältevadshus in full scale which can inspire future house building. Swedish Wood also offer an exciting show.

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