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By on April 6, 2016

The Norwegian ceramist Ole Morten Rokvam sculptural works inspired by both the architecture, machinery and industrial environments. The function has rarely any importance even if his object is often a reference to something that in one way or another has a distinct function. His cans can nevertheless often to use the cooking oil, wine or water.

The past five years, Ole Morten Rokvam focused much on the surface and firing techniques. Most of the works are made of cast porcelain and fired at high temperature (1320-1350 C) in a wood or Anagama kiln-baked in the reducing atmosphere. For his exhibition, he has worked extensively with engobes but also lets the raw clay surface intercept the flames dancing over the items in the oven. Each item is unique and tells thus a story about the process in the oven.

Ole Morten Rokvam operates in Risör where he also runs his own gallery. He studied at Indiana State University (1984-1989) and Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas (1995-1997). He is represented by Vestlandske Kunstindustrimuseum in Bergen, Risør municipality Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim, the National Museum and the Danish Museum in Oslo. He has exhibited in Norway, USA, New Zealand and Germany.

In conjunction with his exhibition keeps Ole Morten Rokvam a public lecture
Friday, April 8 PM. 18:30

o.s.a to Kaolin later than 7/4.
Free admission, wine available at cost.

Welcome to the vernissage on Saturday 9 April at. 11-16

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