Local | Nordiska Kompaniet presents NK Gala – The Beginning of a Nordic Tale.

By on August 20, 2016

In autumn Nordiska Kompaniet strengthens its position as one of the country‘s top fashion influencers. NK, fashion is not just clothes but rather a form of expression more than ever integrate with others in our society. Therefore institutes NK now an award that highlights renowned personalities and inspiring brands in fashion and design. Prizes will be awarded during a gala, which this year takes place at Stockholm City Theatre September 20, 2016.

When Josef Sachs in 1902 started Nordiska Kompaniet it was with the vision to be a commercial and cultural theater, a stage for contemporary offering its customers the most inspiring environment for shopping and experiences. An international department of world class that is trendsetting, stylish and inspirational.

Through NK Galan wants NK highlight and reward outstanding creators of fashion and design. Josef Sachs‘s vision to be a commercial theater permeates the gala by year’s theme, The Beginning of a Nordic Tale.

NK Gala Jury 2016

During the gala awarded four prizes including one appointed by the Nordiska Kompaniet and two chosen by a jury consisting of Elin Frendberg, CEO Swedish Fashion Council, Philip Warkander, Modedoktor, Ulrica Kejler, founder and owner of Ink Label Group AB, Ulf Skarin, CD Veckans Affärer, Marcus Söder, Fashion Director CFA Projects and Elin Larsson, Sustainability Director at Filippa K. the jury was carefully chosen to pinpoint the different skills of fashion and cultural environment that surrounds fashion.

The fourth prize winner is chosen by NK’s customers through a voting which starts August 22 at www.nk.se.

When we chose the jury, it was important to us that several areas were covered, for example, Elin Larsson expert on sustainability, Ulrica Kejler has eye on the NK department store and Philip have a different type of expertise, a more academic one, says Daniel Stipich , Marketing manager, Nordiska Kompaniet.

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