Local | Noori Tales photo exhibition opens in Kungsträdgården

By on August 17, 2016
In the spring of 2016 traveled the award-winning Swedish-Eritrean photographer Malin Fezehai to Pakistan to document the lives of schoolchildren in the beautiful Indus delta are affected by water shortages and climate change. The trip resulted in 31 photographs that tell you how it is for the children to live in an area where access to clean water is always a struggle. The photographs from Pakistan, where some previously shown by respected The New Yorker, is now shown in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm.
“Noori Tales is the story of how the global water and sanitation crisis affects the children and their community. To hear people’s compelling stories provide a perspective on the problems affecting this area. Water is not only in short supply, but the region’s geographical position also makes it very vulnerable to both floods and climate change “- Malin Fezehai

Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

15 August-4 September 2016

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