Local | Newly composed performance about stress for children and young people

By on November 18, 2015

In recent times has children and young people’s stress been highlighted in the health debate. Circonova now makes a venture with a new play on the theme. The show is aimed at middle school students and affects the stress theme’s many different sides. Orka Drömma is written and directed by Paula McManus. We explain the requirements tangle and sets all the must haves against the wall. Sweaty, fun, fast-paced and thoughtful!

Research shows that two out of three children aged 10-18 years feel stressed at school, most commonly due to homework or tests, about 40 percent feel stressed because of the high demands they put on themselves. One can clearly see that the experience of stress increases with age. Occasional stress can be a positive motivator to achieve and reach their goals, but prolonged stress poses serious health risks. (Source: Survey of children’s living conditions, Statistics Sweden 2013-12-09)

We want that stress is brought up in the academic year 2015/16 at the schools we will visit with our performance. As health educational entity, we believe in the theater opportunities to talk about things that stress through the characters in the show. Several of them are pretty screwed and there is also much room for laughter and aloofness of the substance more difficult sides, demands and failures for example. We learn teachers methods which we believe has a stress-preventing effect. It is important that as well children as adults learn to recognize the signs of prolonged stress, says Frida Olsson producer at Circonova.

Welcome to see the show on November 20 at. 19:00 at Theatre Three in Stockholm.

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