Local | Mathias Dahlgren strengthens Taste of Stockholm in several stages

By on June 1, 2016
On June 2 to 6 turns the Royal Garden to a gastronomic mecca when Taste of Stockholm takes place for 25 years in a row. In addition to guest the new pop-up pub, Mathias Dahlgren, along with Gastronomic calls, has taken out Matbordet to the public. Just as in the restaurant, there will be discussions about food and development while it served taste samples in line with the theme.
On June 4 is it Mathias Dahlgren’s day at the Taste of Stockholm. Then he and Martin Berg will guest pop-up pub where they serve a signature right over the counter and a mini 3-course menu for 195 SEK.

New this year is that Mathias Dahlgren and his Naess on Gastronomic calls instituted has taken out Matbordet at Taste of Stockholm. During the week, the pop-up restaurant’s chefs, during each day, conversing at the dinner table about their approach to food and development. On June 4 is it Mathias Dahlgren and Martin Berg which stands for the subject, as the day is “where will the developments and discussions around food occur in the future.”

To the call Mathias Dahlgren and Martin Berg invited the architect Ola Andersson and investor Johan Jorgensen, who together will discuss how a new type of venue can be designed where people who share a genuine interest in the the food given the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas and to discuss that in an unbonded manner.
Mathias Dahlgren and Martin’s menu in the pop-up pub, June 4:

Signature Dish over the counter, 85 kr
Steamed Bun BBQ brisket” with pickled cabbage, Sriracha and coriander

Mini 3-course menu, SEK 195
Coarse tartar on Fröyalax with apple, trout roe and horseradish
Steamed Bun BBQ brisket” with pickled cabbage, Sriracha and coriander
Baked wild chocolate from Bolivia with sour cream, tofféeglass and nuts

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