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By on December 31, 2015

From the beginning of the year comes the government’s reform of the free entrance into some of the state museums. The free entrance is proposed to be introduced from February 1, but the Nationalmuseum starts with it already from January 1 in the exhibition rooms of Konstakademien and from 2 January at the Nationalmuseum Design at Kulturhuset.

Since there are relatively small activities we pursue in our temporary premises so we are able to switch at short notice. It feels natural for us to introduce free entrance right from the start of the year as the Nationalmuseum’s collections will be there for everyone. We want to make it possible for more people to take part of our common cultural heritage, says Berndt Arell, senior curator at the Nationalmuseum.

The Government has allocated SEK 80 million in the budget for 2016 to introduce free entrance at certain national museums. The government estimates that equal access to the common heritage should be seen as a democratic right and that it is important that as many people as possible feel that museums are for them.


Nationalmuseum at Konstakademien
Free entrance from January 1

1 October to 10 January 2016 is shown Rodin that runs deep in the French artist Rodin’s oeuvre. The exhibition features 50 of Rodin sculptures in different versions and in different materials, including some of his most famous works such as The Kiss, The Thinker and Je suis belle. It also displays some 20 works by Nordic sculptors influenced by Rodin, for example Carl Milles and Carl Eldh.

Opening times on New Year’s weekend
1 January 12-16
2-3 January 10-17

Nationalmuseum Design at Kulturhuset
Free entrance from January 2

On 4 December to 14 February 2016 are shown exhibits the new map and female pioneers. The new map describing how the collaboration between designers and manufacturers in Skåne demonstrates the potential of local partnerships in an era when many believe the Swedish production is dead. The exhibition shows the results of the collaboration initiated between 24 designers and 24 manufacturers in Skåne. Female pioneers is an exhibition of successful female designers in the interwar period and then have more or less disappeared from history. In all, around 150 objects from the National Museum’s collections in different materials such as cast iron, glass and silver by 20 artists and designers as Tyra Lundgren, Anna Petrus, Estrid Ericson, Wilhelmina Wendt, Kitty von Otter and Sylvia Stave.

Opening times on New Year’s weekend
1 January closed
2-3 January 11-16

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