Local | Farang opens new at K25 in June

By on May 27, 2016
At Kungsgatan 25, you’ll find that K25 will now have the addition of Jim Lim Southeast Asian curries and aromatic noodle broths. This rustic industrial food court with 250 seats accommodates 11 different high quality restaurants where you can explore a great variety of different foodinfluences. More information about K25 is available on www.k25.nu.
Jim Lim opens on 11 June.
What is Jim Lim?

Our goal is that in an easy and accessible way invite you on the best flavors from Southeast Asia. We want to be Stockholm‘s equivalent of the curry stalls you can find in the winding alleyways and squares in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The heart of the cooking is curry, rice and noodle dishes in which the bold but harmonious flavors emerge in a carefully considered balance between heat, acidity, sweetness and saltiness. All our curries, our sauces, pickles and fresh salads we cook from scratch with a lot of respect for our raw materials.

At Jim Lim, you will be served fast casual dishes without compromising on quality. At lunchtime we offer prepackaged, fresh salads and exciting curry dishes with jasmine rice in order to later in the evening extend our range with aromatic noodle dishes and soups.
Please see  hemsidan for more information regarding the menu.
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