Local | Esperanza Spalding makes gig in Sweden in July

By on June 7, 2016

With a talent as great as her majestic hairstyle, it is impossible to get basefantomen Esperanza Spalding to stay within the limits. Just as she in text mixes English with Portuguese and Spanish is her music a jazz brew that contains equal parts soul and singer / songwriter pop. On July 19, she is in Stockholm at Debaser Medis scene.

Esperanza Spalding, 2011 was the first jazz artist to win a Grammy as best newcomer and she has since been subscribed to the Grammys and the Soul Train Awards. New album and tour, called Emily’s D + Evolution and mixes music with poetry, theater and movement. Sounds hokey? Esperanza says herself: “Sure it sounds Freaky Deaky but usually when things feel Freaky Deaky it becomes very good.” And she has, of course, absolutely right.

Esperanza was born in Portland, in 1984. She taught at a very young age to play the violin and bass on her own before joining the Berkley College of Music. In 2006 she released her debut album Junjo which was followed up by the discs Esperanza and Chamber Music Society before she won in 2011 that historic Grammy for best newcomer as the first jazz artist ever. After that, she switched tracks with a little more pop / soul-influenced album, Radio Music Society, 2012. Now comes Esperanza to Sweden Debaser Medis with her new critically acclaimed and perhaps best album to date, Emily’s D + Evolution in the luggage.

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