Local | D Double E + Sir Spyro – the grime of the highest class in December

By on November 11, 2015

December 5 Stockholm, Slakthuset

In early December, two legends of the grime scene comes to Stockholm to enrich our lives. The greatest MC of all time, D-DoubleE, and the least influential DJ / producer Sir Spyro, occupies Slakthuset on 5 December. Classic evening at input.

D-DoubleE is one half of Newham Generals, named after the notorious district of Newham in London. As MC is D-DoubleE among the largest in grime, and considered by many as the foremost.

With texts that are based in East London’s everyday life he has with Newham Generals been behind songs like “Hard”, “Street Fighter” and “Like it or not”, and has been a central figure in the genre for a long time with a unique style, flow and their particular persona. It is not for nothing that he is called the greatest grime MC of all time“.

Producer and DJ Sir Spyro mixes together his carefully chosen songs with surgical skill. His radio show on the pioneering Rinse FM is an institution in the UK grime scene, where millions of listeners updated about the latest news on a weekly basis.

As a DJ grew his turntables into producing his own songs and is the person behind labeln Dragon Punch Records and is also helping to drive the Pitch Controller.

Something that is easy to see is that Sir Spyro is still a grime-fan first and foremost, something that is seen not least through the release of The Very Best Of Grime, where Spyro has chosen to highlight what he believes is the genre grains of gold.

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