Local | Ceramic artist Jussi Ojala exhibit at Konsthantverkarna – vernissage 20/2

By on December 20, 2015

Jussi Ojala, one of Sweden’s most qualified and experienced potters exhibit The wood never sees its own ashes” at Konsthantverkarna in Slussen 20/2-9/3 2016. He was born in Finland, educated in Sweden and has long resided outside of Skara.

Now he exhibits his work which he seems to have had a discussion with during the inception. He calls the exhibition “The wood never sees its own ashes.” It is personal and private, while there is universal inspired by life and its immediate surroundings. Jussi has said Nature teaches me that my ceramics can take that expression it wish“. Nature is also physically present in the process. He puts it himself:

The wood never sees its own ashes
The wood I gather in long hours and burn to ashes.
The ashes of shrubs, trees and bones become
ceramic reflections on transformation
My everyday.
In Jussi Ojala ceramics is the material’s role present and important. In working with clays, slips and glazes, he challenges both himself and the material properties.
He has numerous exhibitions behind him, except in Sweden, also including Belgium, Holland and the UK.
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