Local | Flying Steps take international hit show to Sweden and Ericsson Globe

By on December 2, 2015

September 23 Stockholm, Ericsson Globe
September 24 Stockholm, Ericsson Globe matinee
September 24 Stockholm, Ericsson Globe

With their sensational interpretation of Bach drew breakdancing world champions Flying Steps full houses in Stockholm and Gothenburg in 2012 and 2013. The combination of youth culture and high culture broke down barriers and attracted audiences across generations. Now they are back with a new incomparable show and a European tour that will premiere in Stockholm at Ericsson Globe next fall, where it is given three full performances on 23 and 24 September.

For the new show Red Bull Flying Illusion“, the four-time breakdance world champions produced a choreography that interacts with a powerful visual stage set. The set has Sweden premiere on 23 September in Ericsson Globe that constitute the first stop on a European tour that passes Brussels, Geneva and cities around throughout France.

Vartan Bassil, one of the dance group’s founder and artistic director, was responsible for the choreography:

Flying Steps is about making the impossible possible. We want to show what dance as an art form can achieve when you consider boundless. The twelve dancers included in the ensemble are among the best in the world in its field and has worked twelve hours a day with the preparations.

With breakdancens entire gamut of power moves, popping, locking and hip hop the dancegroup tells a story that explores the eternal struggle between good and evil. The dancers make up in an epic battle in which visual illusions created with 3D projections repeal the law of gravity and tickle the imagination.

Musically framed show of specially composed electronic beats of the Berlin-based composers Ketan and Vivan Bhatti who interacts with the tones from one thirty-four man strong symphony orchestra.

We look forward to three overpowering performances at the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm on 23-24 September.

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