Boulebar opens in industrial building

By on September 18, 2016

In early January 2017 opens Boulebar its biggest investment ever . Then have a large industrial building in Liljeholmen turned into a Mediterranean park with boules courts, bars, DJs and French restaurant on two floors. Boulebar Tryckeriet is a new meeting place for the entire Stockholm.

When Boulebar Tryckeriet opens in January, has a 1,300-square-foot industrial building with two floors turned into French park with restaurant and terrace. The investment in Liljeholmen is the largest ever that Boulebar have made, which means everything from larger trees, more boules courts, higher ceilings and better DJs to French babbling fountains.

We really believe in Liljeholmen neighborhood and is confident of being able to attract both the neighbors in the area and guests from far away, says Henrik Kruse, who co-founded Boulebar. Only the French restaurant will be worth a visit in addition to everything else that Boulebar Tryckeriet will offer.

Boulebar started in a basement on Surbrunnsgatan in Stockholm fifteen years ago. A bunch interrailing spirit friends had become boules saved on the Mediterranean Sea and wanted to revive the feeling in Sweden. The original venue is now closed but Boulebar has since opened new locations in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Last place is Boulebar Tanto at Hornstulls which opened last summer with outdoor petanque, french grill menu and bar. Boulebar also opens in Copenhagen in the autumn.

We have developed for each new Boulebar that been created, says Henrik Kruse. From the beginning it was all about boules but along the way we were just as geeky details in the light and shadows, plants, music and French food and drink. Faced Tryckeriet in Liljeholmen we have gathered all the knowledge from all the cities to create our dream place here in Stockholm where it all began. Boulebar Tryckeriet will simply become the best we’ve ever done.

New Boulebar Tryckeriet opens Liljeholmsvägen 14 in January and is open seven days a week. The new site is designed as a natural meeting place whether you want to socialize over a game of boules, listen to DJ’s, eating French or hang out in the bar.

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