Local | Boulebar in Vasastan closes

By on May 14, 2016

Sweden’s first Boulebar on Surbrunnsgatan in Vasastan choose to close on 21 June. After 12 years and a total of 750,000 guests they leave premises in which the boule restaurant once started. But now it is planned for a new and larger premises.

In a basement in Vasastan has Boulebar carried out their restaurant for more than a decade. This was where it all began when a gang of boule geeks decided to live out their dream and take home the southern French city park they fell in love with on an inter-railing. And so far, 750 000 guests passed through the doors of Surbrunnsgatan 46th.

When people heard what we wanted to do, they thought we were crazy. To build a park with indoor boule will never work. But we really wanted that more people would get to experience that joy and the community created around the boules and a glass of pastis. Now we have six bowls Bars around the country and more are coming in among other Copenhagen, says Henrik Kruse, co-founder of Boulebar.

Boulebar Surbrunn is open until June 21. But it is now negotiating a new larger premises to replace Boulebar Surbrunn to fall and at the same time meet the growing interest in boule.

Much laughter and many balls have flown in the air in this room over the years. To close Surbrunn‘s like to be separated from a good friend. But we want to continue to develop. In Malmö and Gothenburg, for example, we have opened two fantastic Boule Bars where we have not had to compromise on either the size of the boule courts or cathedral ceilings. That’s what we want to create also in Stockholm. It will be the best Boulebar ever, says Henrik Kruse.

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