Local | All time high at the Vasa Museum

By on January 21, 2016

An absolutely fantastic visiting this year, so it is possible to sum up 2015 for the Vasa Museum behalf. Both in terms of school classes, cruise travelers and individual tourists. Never have so many been visiting the museum.

When the figures for 2015 compiled it is clear that the museum has never had so many visitors. More than 1.3 million visitors came to the Vasa Museum last year. An increase of 7.5 percent compared with 2014.
We are obviously very happy for this. That so many want to visit us is amazing. Personally, I am also impressed by the staff who have handled this pressure while the museum has climbed to ninth place on TripAdvisor, says Vasa Museum Director Lisa Månsson.

The record year is visible additionally in several categories. School classes have become more and local audiences have increased during the off season. But above all, the cruise ships that have contributed to the increase of travelers, especially from the US, India and China.
This promises very well for 2016. We are also working constantly to make the museum more interesting and better. Among other things, this year we start with the free educational program for the school, says Lisa Månsson.

Tourism in Stockholm has gone up at all in terms of both national and international tourists. Altogether came 1,312,494 visitors to the Vasa Museum in 2015th.

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