Local | Alcazar’s hit show “Disco Defenders” expands the autumn season at Hamburger Exchange

By on April 21, 2016

Lyrical reviews, named the year’s stage show, and 80,000 tickets sold – Alcazar makes a big hit with “Disco Defenders”. The Disco trio is now in April ending this springs Sweden tour with performances in Orebro, Halmstad and Helsingborg. On October 6 returns the disco fever to the Hamburger Börs in Stockholm for a fourth show season. Now it is also clear that autumn season of Disco Defenders is extended to the entire 36 performances thanks to the great interest.

Alcazars grand disco show was appointed in the spring to the Year scene on the QX Gaygala 2016 and in media is “Disco Defenders” raised to the skies. VLT describes disco gods’ appearance as “cocky and extremely professional,” GP notes that there is a “groovy disco show. Just to surrender” and GT rename the group to “Phenomena Alcazar”.

Disco Defenders” is a sparkling disco show with Andreas Lundstedt, Tess Merkel and Lina Hedlund. They occur along with some of the best dancers and musicians directed by Edward af Sillén. Audiences are treated to disco classics from the last 40 years and, of course Alcazars own hits such as “Crying at the Discoteque, “Not a Sinner, Nor A Saint”, Alcastar,” “Stay the Night” and “Blame It On the Disco “.

Now it is clear that the autumn season at the Hamburger Börs is extended to 36 performances and premiere moved to 6 October because Lina Hedlund is expecting a baby. As of November 23, you can also combine disco evening with Hamburger Börs Christmas table. After each evening performance is Börsen running Club Alcatraz, Stockholm’s hottest disco floor.

Show Plan “Disco Defenders’ spring and autumn season:

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