Live at the cinema this fall

By on June 7, 2017

The Royal Opera will launch on three live broadcasts the next season: a brand new opera, Dracula, after Bram Stoker’s famous novel, as well as Rossini’s Askungen and Verdis Aida. The broadcasts are a collaboration between the Royal Opera House and the People’s House and Parker.

– Bram Stokers Dracula really feels like an opera that was written long ago and since then was part of the standard repertoire, says director Linus Fellbom. My heart has belonged to the opera art since birth and picks extra for newly written opera. To now contribute to the fact that this particular version of Dracula gets its first performance at the Royal Opera is unimaginably exciting! When it has been filmed several times over the years, it feels amazing – and committed – that the work can also be experienced in so many cinemas across the country. 

– Through our collaboration with FHP, we have the unique opportunity to reach all music-interested people across the country. This season we give three operas with a very different character. I am especially pleased to send Dracula where we want to show how a very famous story can be extra exciting when it is being recorded, says Birgitta Svendén, director of the Royal Opera.

– It’s not every season we get the opportunity to see something completely rewritten from the Royal Opera. So perfect with a first performance of Dracula just when both days and shadows have become short, to enjoy Borisova-Olla’s work at the local cinema. I think all the classics have once been new and that it’s exciting to be first with the very latest, says Ulrika Holmgaard, director of Film and Live at the cinema at Folkets Hus and Parker.

– Askungen belongs to the favorites of Rossini’s operas, where the singers are given the opportunity to showcase brilliant cascades of fast-paced beads of tones that demand brilliant technology and musical playfulness.

Aida is the classic we never get tired of. Through these three choices, the Royal Opera shows its artistic breadth and tip and makes the opera art accessible to everyone, says Birgitta Svendén.

It was with Verdis Falstaff with Loa Falkman in title role as the Operan in February 2008 broadcasted their first performance live to 21 Swedish cinemas, close to Metropolitan’s first broadcasts. Most recently, the operetta, Glada Änkan, was shown, which put public recordings for Swedish opera live on the cinema and publications total for opera at the cinema in Sweden. After about 20 live performances, there will be three broadcasts from the Opera during the 2017-18:

Dracula November 3rd
Askungen February 3
Aida March 17th

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