Liv Sin releases a new single for animal rights

By on October 22, 2017

The Heavy Metal band Liv Sin, which has its study circle at NBV Stockholm County, has released a new single in collaboration with Animal Rights. Singer Liv Jagrell, former member of Sister Sin, tells us how music is her way of channeling her enlightenment about how the human exploits the animal and natural kingdom. With the music as the carrier of these messages gives Liv Sin outlet for this social criticism. The result is the song “King of the Damned”, where Liv Sin emphasizes that it is time for a change:

“I feel strongly that we must start thinking about what we do with our world, nature and animals before it’s too late and we do not have any wildlife left. The idea of the song came after I saw an exhibition with Nick Brandt “Inherit the dust” where he as a photographer returns to places in Africa where he used to photograph wild animals such as lions and elephants, but there are now large landscapes of rubbish instead, where people live too. It is extremely depressing that this is something we humans accomplished in just a few years. We have transformed a living wildlife into a ghetto of garbage.

At the same time occured the shooting of Cecil the Lion, which died for nothing beacuse someone wanted to feel powerful. I am immensely against all “trophy hunting”, and these two things together made me write the text to “King of the Damned”. That’s how I feel we’re heading. Lions today are no longer “King of the Jungle”, they are kings of a convicted wildlife. And we have to stop this – not then, but now! We decided to work with Animal Rights here in Sweden and hopefully we can make someone think or help. All proceeds from the sale of the song on our Bandcamp page will therefore go to Animal Rights,” says Liv Jagrell, singer in Liv Sin.

You listen (or buy) to the King of the Damned here:

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Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music