Little Jinder releases new single and beginning of something new

By on February 25, 2017

Few artists have had an equally intense 2016 as Little Jinder. In January, she released the album Allting suger, which includes the gold-selling single “Super 8″. The album was also Grammy nominated for “Album of the Yearand Josefine herself as “Lyricist of the Year“. She toured the country, both in the spring and summer, and as everyone knows she managed to even squeeze in aSå mycket bättre” recording, and ended the year with the prestigious assignment to lead Musikhjälpen in P3.

Little Jinders rampage 2017 has not stalled significantly, a long spring tour started recently with a sold-out and critically acclaimed performance at the Vasa Theatre in Stockholm. New single “Kvicksandis written by Josefine herself with Markus Jägerstedt as a producer. A song with a great attitude and a little harder sound than what we previously heard from her.

“If you get hurt, you become despondent, then sad and finally angry. If my first two albums were hurt and heartbroken is my new album angry. I’m trying to develop something I have had difficulty to express in music before. The novelty is harder, has a higher tempo and a different intensity.Josefine Jinder

Kvicksand” is the first taste on a new road that Little Jinders takes. A strong start to Little Jinders future career which likely will continue in the same express speed as before.

Listen to “Kvicksand” here >>

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