Lisa’s main goal is the capital

By on July 20, 2017

Triathlon is today one of Sweden’s fastest growing sports. Few athletes have been equally important for their sports growth like Lisa Nordén. The fact that her main focus this year is the Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm on August 26 in Stockholm it can not be mistaken.

Lisa is the triathlete who, with her Olympic silver in London 2012, made the Swedish people open their eyes for triathlon at home, but also in the international arena. Lisa Nordén has been Ambassador for Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm for several years, which takes place August 26-27, and despite a very intensive and well-filled competition calendar this year, she has a clear goal: – To compete at home at Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm is my absolute highlight this year, says Lisa Nordén.

With an already successful racing season in the luggage, including participation and great achievements on the IRONMAN 70.3 Majorca, the ITU Calgliari World Cup, the Kraichgau Triathlon Bundesliga and an individual SM gold in tempo cycling at the end of June, Lisa feels stronger than in a very long time, both physically and mentally.

– During my previous racing years, I often chose to drive on as usual even though the body said no. I’ve had a little problem with a grumpy achilles tendon since last fall, now I’ve been much better at listening to my body when it says no. Previously, I could experience a frustration in knowing that I had a body that really could swim, ride a bike and run very fast, but due to various injuries could not do it. I have today turned the frustration to something positive in terms of self-assurance and peace, a calm that tells me and my body that it knows that it can perform as it applies, says an expectant Lisa in front of a current competition at home in Stockholm.

Focus on Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm

On August 26, more than 20,000 spectators are expected to visit the streets of Stockholm to see Lisa Nordén compete at the home in Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm, together with the world leader in triathlon. The day after, August 27th, it is time for the exercise classes to enter the same races as the World Elite. Since the start of 2012, Vattenfall World Triathlon has lay her warmly at the heart, but it is a comeback craving Lisa who is on the starting line this year.

– Unfortunately, I have had a great deal of bad luck just around the dates of Vattenfall World Triathlon Stockholm in previous years and in 2013 the last time I experienced this triathlon party at home. In 2014, a stress fracture stopped my participation. In 2015, I got a virus and last year it collided with a high altitude camp before the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, so I’m more charged than ever before, says Lisa.


Lisa is humble for the competition she will meet on the starting lineup at the Vattenfall World Triathlon in August and among her main competitors, she keeps an extra eye on Flora Duffy from Bermuda, last year’s winner of the 2016 ITU World Triathlon Series.

– Flora has made great achievements in 2017 and she is incredibly strong in both swimming and cycling but it’s also the branches I’ve developed incredibly in recent months so I’m in place to give her a hard game, finishing a very loaded Lisa Nordén.

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