Linje Lusta – sexual identity and belonging

By on March 14, 2019
Sören Vilks

When Tennessee Williams play Linje Lusta is set up at Dramaten for the second time ever, it is Stefan Larsson who sets a very own touch on the set. In the role of Blanche we see Livia Millhagen and the couple Kowalski are made by Danilo Bejarano and Rebecka Hemse. Premiere on the Little Stage on March 29th.

Stella has “married down” with the worker Stan Kowalski. Marriage is passionate and conflict-filled – but Stella seems to be happy. But then the sister Blanche suddenly pops up, with her delicate nerves and upper class manners. Although Blanche herself is destitute and has lost her family’s property, she does not hide the disappointment of her sister’s simple lifestyle and choice of husband. Stan answers with to do everything he can to break her down and throw her out.

– I want to investigate the desire, which complicates, confuses and harms while enjoying at the same time. It is about sexual identity and about destroying opponents with sexual violence. Unfortunately, relevant studies in these times, says Stefan Larsson.

Linje Lusta was premiered on Broadway in 1947 and became an instant success and has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize. At Dramaten it was played back in 1949, but has not been set up ever since.

to Linje Lusta with Emma Meyer Dunér, chief dramatist. Free entrance and open to everyone (even those without a ticket to the show). April 23 and May 3, at 18:15.

Linje Lusta, premiere March 29, Little Stage.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Östermalm