Life in the dream factory is not always a dance on roses

By on April 4, 2017

Reality and fiction are intertwined in a love triangle that moves between ballet hall and the scene in Drömmen om Svansjön. And an artistic dream team has choreographer Pär Isberg, in turn, among others, production designer Lars-Åke Thessman and costume designer Jérôme Kaplan. All to the tune of Tchaikovsky’s well-known, romantic music and toe tip on top with the Royal Ballet. First performance at the Opera, April 7 at 19:00.

Pär Isberg focuses on both the darkness and the fragile beauty that fits in Svansjön and portrays the strong emotions that drive the characters: “Even in the world of ballet, we find tension between superficiality, envy and the deep faith of the arts the opportunity to touch”, says Isberg and continues: “For me, the opera house could be a kind of dream factory, but also a place where I felt safe. But all is not just a dance on roses. Sometimes it could get pretty nasty comments out there in the wings”. Today, can Pär relate to this verbal bullying, but it was not as easy when he the next moment would enter the scene.

Drömmen om Svansjön is an idea that has been around a long time. Pär Isberg had many years ago, a request to set up Svansjön for a Baltic company. But this time he did not feel ready. The proposal yet started a process within him, when the Royal Ballet’s director Johannes Öhman asked, he accepted the assignment. “I thought, how many times in life do you get a chance to make your own Svansjön? And suddenly it was not hard to say yes.”

Svansjön was first performed at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in 1877 and is perhaps the most danced ballet. Drömmen om Svansjön builds on Petipa and Ivanov’s choreography in 1895, but based on the dancers’ dreams and relationships.

Production designer Lars-Åke Thessman (Svenska Dagbladet’s Opera Prize winners in 2005 and magazine Opera ditto the year after) says that the stage of Drömmen om Svansjön has two expressions: firstly a realistic that is the ballet halland partly a dreamlike.

“The insoluble equation between vision and reality, between what we so ardently desire, and it is actually possible, gets the artist to constantly try again”, explains Thessman.

Costume creator Jérôme Kaplan says that the work between him, Isberg and Thessman marked by a kind of common intuition where they inspired each other. Kaplan has made 100’s creations in opera and ballet, and among others, received the prestigious Golden Mask 2012 for best costumes.

The music in Drömmen om Svansjön – which will be performed by the Royal Opera Orchestra under the direction of Wolfgang Wengenroth – based entirely on Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s music, but like other versions of Svansjön has Pär Isberg changed the order of some parties.

MUSIC Pjotr Tjajkovskij
SCENOGRAPHY Lars-Åke Thessman
COSTUME & MASK Jérôme Kaplan
LIGHT Ellen Ruge
DRAMATURGIST Katarina Aronsson

The performance lasts 3 hours including break

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