Laughter club goes over control

By on June 30, 2017

In the humor performance Här kommer alla känslorna på en och samma gång, a co-production with Lumor, tries three comedians to make each other cry out laughing. Participants make Dramaten’s Sanna Sundqvist and Eric Stern as well as David Wiberg from Varan Theater. Premiere at Lejonkulan on September 1st.

Three comedians are trapped in a room. Outside, the world is burning. To endure, they play a role-playing game that makes each other laughing so they cry.

– They have their laugh club, just like others have their book or swing club. But things have been overridden, the things that make them laugh so they cry have become so complex and dark that it hardly looks like humor anymore. Just like an addict who needs bigger and bigger kickers to be satisfied, says David Wiberg, who has written, participates and together with Oskar Thunberg stands for the stage-management.

Här kommer alla känslorna på en och samma gång is a black, multifaceted and humorous idea of wanting to erase the boundary between fiction and reality to forget about their own self. Is there anything you should not laugh at?

– You can laugh at everything, but you must keep in mind when doing it and what it has for consequences for other people. But there is no point in denying what you think is fun just because it does not match one’s morale. That’s something we take up in the show, to take responsibility for its humor, said David Wiberg.

By David Wiberg
Direction David Wiberg and Oskar Thunberg
Scenography and costume Erika Magnusson
Mask Mimmi Lindell
Light design Markus Granqvist
Composer and sound design Stefan Johansson

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