Körklang at Skansen is being strengthened this year

By on May 31, 2017

Last summer, the musician and chapel master Simon Ljungman got the entire Solliden to sing in voices in Skansen’s new driving concept Körklang at Skansen. The estimated program series is also coming back this summer, but this time with the reinforcement of We Are Voice – a platform that allows for the preparation and rehearsal of voices and music in advance.

Körklang at Skansen means that the entire audience forms a big choir and learns to sing in voices together under the direction of chapel master Simon Ljungman. In addition, there are orchestras and famous guest artists in place at Solliden. Körklang started in the summer of 2016 in collaboration with the Swedish Choir association, and immediately attracted a number of singing people. Co-operation with the Swedish Choir association continues this year, and in order to further enhance the experience, Skansen has now taking help of We Are Voice. It is a new digital platform for choirs in the form of an app downloaded to the mobile phone.

– Körklang gives many people an opportunity to sing together in voices and with a lovely repertoire. Now it’s easier for everyone to prepare with the We Are Voice app. This makes the experience even better and we would like that, says Maria Kirsch, producer of Körklang at Skansen.

Behind We Are Voice are the musicians and friends Martin Rolinski, Simon Ljungman and Fredrik Berglund. The idea is to unit Sweden’s choir movements, and create digital and physical meeting places for singers. In a platform and app with choir arrangements and vocal files, you can listen in advance and practice voices to facilitate before the song the occasion. The app is now being tested for the first time in connection with Körklang on Skansen, but will also be used in larger contexts later this fall at the Friends Arena.

– Choir singing is Sweden’s largest folk movement that engages almost one million people each week. We want to facilitate the everyday life of all these choir singers and not least choirs, and have therefore created a common digital meeting place. The smoother and easier learning and repetition goes, the more time you can put on having fun together, says Martin Rolinski, CEO and one of the initiators of We Are Voice.

We Are Voice for the Iphone here >>
We Are Voice for Android here >>

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