Konsthantverkarna: Upcoming exhibition

By on June 16, 2018

In the vacuum of the space, the solar electromagnetic field shows noble gases that appears like northern lights.

The neon tube shows the same phenomenon. In the exhibition Starlight, the artists work with exploration of afterglow, reflection and direct light. The artists Lott Alfred, Nina Westman and Fredrik Nielsen have shared interest in phosphorescent light phenomena and neon and plasma techniques.

The artists are currently present at the exhibition Vetro Illuminato at Berengo Studio at Murano in Venice, curated by Patrick Collentine.

Lott Alfreds is a Swedish visual artist who works with mixed media and sculptural glass.

Trained at Royal Institute of Fine Arts, Stockholm and Urban Glass and Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, USA. In recent years she has worked with neon, for example, in the HEJ project at The Glass Factory in Emmaboda Municipality.

Fredrik Nielsens sense of the experimental combines aspects of pop culture like graffiti, music, video and performance in his art. His strong willingness to push the glass border as a material has shaped his identity as an artist. Nielsen is educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm and Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, USA.

Nina Westman’s glass work is experimental, spatial and interdisciplinary. She often mixes technology and different media. Her artistic activities are based on collaboration and exploration and she combines glassblowing and craft with other fields such as music and theater.

Westman is in the cooperative blås & knåda and in the female glass group Boom! which works to visualize and break the norms within glass culture.

Lott Alfreds, Fredrik Nielsen, Nina Westman
Konsthantverkarna 25/8 – 12/9 2018
Vernissage Saturday 25 August at 12-16.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm