Konsthantverkarna: Upcoming exhibition: Helena Sandström 14/4 – 2/5 2018

By on February 5, 2018

Konsthantverkarna 14/4 – 2/5 2018

“In my world”

Silversmith and jewelry artist Helena Sandström has been interested in zinc as work material since 2012 and curiously explored its possibilities and limitations in both jewelry and larger items. This time she takes a whole room, filled with a larger installation that illustrates a memory from Japan where Helena was the Artist-in-residence at the end of 2015. The stay lasted only a few weeks but left strong marks. Japan has long been a great source of inspiration for her, among other with its strong ties to nature and the paper weaving technique – Origami – developed there. Since zinc can not be soldered in the usual way, Helena works to create volume from the flat sheet by sawing and folding. She also works with etching to create images and patterns as well as to get a variety of beautiful gray tones in the metal. The exhibition will contain both jewelry, items and a forest.

Helena welcomes us to her world:
In my world, the details are important.
In my world, nature is a library,
of shapes, colors and personalities.
In my world, every stone is an individual and every leaf is a personality.
In my world, nature is a prerequisite and the reason for my existence.
In my world I want to be brave.
In my world you are welcome!

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm