Konsthantverkarna: Upcoming exhibition: Eva Zethraeus 6-24/10 2018

By on July 24, 2018

Eva Zethraeus
“The Inner Nature of All Things Alike”, ceramics

To the exhibition I will present a new series of works influenced by the phenomenon of viruses.

There is unimaginable beauty in the life cycle of the virus – how microscopic genetic and parental packages can emerge in the world by overcoming complex human defense systems (human, animal or plant) and ensuring their survival and existence by making new copies of themselves.

What’s even more beautiful is the diversity of these cycles. For example, there is a virus that infects flowers that integrate their DNA with the host. This makes it difficult to see where an organism begins and the other ends.

I am naturally inspired by the different design language of the virus but also of its duality. All viruses are not deadly and create disease, but many change colors and appearance of flowers and plants. There are investigative values ​​in recurring forms that generate new constellations. I have established the virus’s way of replicating and thus constructed (and deconstructed) ones, which sometimes possess a high level of complexity. There is an exciting challenge in developing a new design language, but also working with the material, porcelain, in larger format.

Behind what seems to be a chaotic universe, everything appears to be format of a secret code or team. What is harmony and why are some forms more appealing than others?
The sculptures are the result of ongoing investigative work. What has been investigated is both the form and the complex ceramic process.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm