Knights masquerade & Single evenings for history nerds

By on September 18, 2017

Autumn is here and the Livrustkammaren’s program activities are in full swing with exciting exhibitions, lectures and activities. Sunday, September 24th, it is time for one of the highlights of the year when the Livrustkammarens own Knight Club for children is inviting to a big masquerade in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall. Here, all the little knight club fans can have fun in their finest knight equipment or princess dress and attend the party! Jester and musicians stand for entertainment. There will be a great costume parade down the stairs to the Blue Hall. During the knight’s masquerade it is possible to try hammer, put make up on, test swords or try out armor and princess dress. And not least, the intendent as well Duke Jonas with entourage is in place to dub all knights and princesses.

Thursday, September 21, it is the premiere of a new lecture series at Livrustkammaren under the name Singelkväll for history nerds. A perfect opportunity for those who are historically interested and want to meet new people with the same interests. There will be special displays ending with mingle in the stone hall.

September 21st begins the evening with the view Royal History – from Vaasa to Bernadotte. Intendent Anja Kujala tells about the 1800s court society; glamorous workplace and marital market Thursday, October 5th. In connection with the upcoming exhibition I love you madly (opens October 26th), museum teacher Julia Victorin will make a viewing.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm