JUVIIAA – New Swedish artist with debuts single Haters

By on July 22, 2017

JUVIIAA – 25 year old artist from Stockholm. Inspired by Scandinavian and American influences that resulted in a self-interpreted hybrid within the sound. The sound is described as Pop-Rnb fusion. As songwriter, producer, dancer and visionary, she has formed a new piece of work – “HATERS”

The song with its fine song melody, crispy text and extreme 808 sub bases creates some kind of fine artistic dissonance with a red thread. The listener does not get the chance to sit comfortably during the song’s track time, but again and again for 2.5 minutes, it will shock with new sounds and new hosts in the song. Subtle, it’s a feel good song. A tribute to guiding negativity to the side of away from its life. JUVIIAA shows a genuine artistic originality which is here to stay.

JUVIIAA – means rain in Spanish. Which for the artist means life / nutrition.

She works as songwriter, producer, dancer, and stylist. She wants to stretch the boundaries visually and musically give room for her listeners to unforgivable help oneself and present herself as her own individual best self. To give confidence to her fans to listen to trust in their ideas, instincts, visions and understand that you are cruel as you are. Being fierce does not just have to be in the United States.

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