Jonah Nilsson live at Nalen

By on October 14, 2019

When Jonah Nilsson and his friends in Dirty Loops in the fall of 2010 posted a cover on Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” on Youtube, they probably couldn’t imagine the huge response that followed.

Without having any marketing in the back, it was mostly a fun thing. But after 100,000 views on Youtube and more than 10,000 posts to Facebook in just two months, the success was a fact. The word “viral” is, to say the least, appropriate in this context. It soon found its way to producer David Foster, who arranged a record contract on the rich Verve Records.

World tours for sold out concert halls followed and soon Jonah Nilsson was signed by none other than Quincy Jones! Jones has praised Nilsson for his creativity and emotion. Many are excited to look forward to the debut album that Jonah Nilsson is currently working on.

We are also many who have heard the singles that promise so much. Pop funk caramel Coffee Break has to get the most convinced tea drinker to be craving a cup of coffee! Infectious melody, stylish production, stun beat – and so Jonah’s incomparable voice over it.

You just have to tune in to the best coffee hour of your life when it’s time for Jonah Nilsson to take on Fasching’s stage with his flashy mix of R&B, funk, soul and pop.

Jonah Nilsson live at Nalen Friday 18th October 2019!

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