Isaura Da Luz Reiz, September 30 – October 12th

By on July 8, 2017

Lines have always inspired me. The lines in a person’s face say a lot about the person; dimples, worry wrinkles between the eyebrows, the scars, the laugh lines in the corner of the eye… All these lines, in some cases involuntary and hidden away, in other cases highlighted and painted, revel on our lives. The stories are usually not intertwined, but our faces whisper of heartbreak and happiness, childhood traumas and age wisdom. These are the lines I use in my creative creation.

In my art, the lines are usually composed, made in a sweep. The lines of my creations tell you about the works in a follow-up movement. Sometimes I correct, postpone or remove it as we do daily with our lines. Sometimes not.

In the creation of my jewelry, I first make the lines shape in steel wire, which is then rolled into silver or copper plate. In the rolling, the lines may change place, change the shape, or lay differently from what was first thought – just like all our lifelines, which rarely become as predicted.

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