Isabel Spinnars – this is how it will be after the renovation

By on July 3, 2019
Isabel Spinnars, works with the renovation and interior of the main building at Hotel Kristina.

Isabel Spinnars works as an interior designer and is involved in the renovation at Hotell Kristina. A vision of highlighting the building’s fantastic funkish house with a long history as a student home at Sigtunaskolan, and an ambition to utilize the full potential of the house, is indicative of Isabel’s choice of, among other things, color scheme and redistribution of furniture.

Isabel Spinnars has been working as an interior designer since 1999 and has been involved in several interior design and refreshment decisions at Hotel Kristina. Now she is active in the major renovation of the main building of the hotel.

– The most fun thing is to highlight the character of the house, see new opportunities in the existing one and to utilize the full potential of the building, she says.

At entrance and reception, Isabel tells us that color scheme should be reviewed and that a redistribution of furniture opens up for more space. She wants to make use of existing furniture and give them new opportunities in new places. This is because they will be better utilized. The goal feeling, she says, is that there should be a warm welcome in the environment when you step in through the entrance.

As a whole, Isabel wants to make use of the hotel’s furniture as far as it goes and work on dressing and repositioning them. It is both a sustainability think and a function think.

– For example, the location for group work on level two, which is currently not used when it is tucked away, will be re-placed and will have to use its full function in a better location closer to the hotel’s conference groups, says Isabel.

In the stairwells, Isabel wants to pick up architectural details that emphasize the house’s fantastic history as a student home and function building. She tells us that funkis house has simple, straight, shaped lines which you emphasize a lot with white and black.

In corridors, the ambition is to create space and make them achieve their best potential by being as clean, bright and open as possible. This is done by coloring and lighting. The red carpet will be replaced with wooden floors and a walking mat. Here, also an improvement of the ventilation will be taken care of.

– I want to pick up and use details from the 30s funkis and combine them in a modern environment.

– The biggest challenge with the renovation is to design it both neatly and functionally. But it is amazingly fun and stimulating, concludes Isabel Spinnars.

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