Isa Molin has released her debut single “Truth About Us”

By on March 6, 2018

“I’d rather create a world around the songs I release than a world around myself” – says Isa Molin, who last friday released her debut single “Truth About Us” on “Moontown” – her own label.

Who is Isa Molin?

– Have tried to find out for 25 years … But finally, I have come to the conclusion that I may ignore it and only accept all my subpersonalities.

Do you get gooseflesh off your own music?

(laughs), not gooseflesh maybe but … okay it has happened .. But sometimes, very rarely, the feeling comes to just writing the “perfect song”. In such isolated moments, I’m filled with an euphoric feeling and think I can sleep late for 2 weeks.

Why do you choose to start your own label and how did it become “Moontown”?

This is my little baby where I have 100% freedom and release stuff I like myself.

I always feel the most creative at night and always fear the full moon when it makes me sleepless so it felt like a fitting name.

On Friday, March 2, you released your debut single “Truth About Us”, what is it about?

– To me it’s about it’s not always enough with love to be with someone. Do one or maybe even both parties have too many “issues” with themselves, it easily becomes complicated and destructive.

Says Isa Molin, songwriter and singer to “Truth About Us”.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music