Innovative product of form student is launched at Designtorget

By on February 18, 2018

Former student Madeleine Nelson presented Regrow in a small-scale course at Beckmans last year. Now it has been launched as a product in the Design Square’s regular range.

– I have always been interested in environmental issues. A few years ago I read an article about the possibility of growing vegetables. Since then, I have grown a lot of leeks in my kitchen window. But I understood that the leeks needed support for not lying flat on the bench, said Madeleine Nelson.

Durable design in double sense

Regrow is as much a interier decoration as a simple tool for recycling food waste. The user simply places the vegetables in position and then in water that covers the roots and helps the plant to grow up again. After about 14 days there is a new fresh vegetable. Leeks, salad and lemongrass are some of the vegetables that can be placed in a position and get a new life.

– Today there are major environmental problems all over the world with excessive consumption. Of all the food we produce, we waste 25% in the trash. Of this food waste is 35% vegetables and fruit. It is time for us to start reducing our waste of vegetables and start growing our vegetable game – for ourselves and for our future generations, Madeleine says.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets | Stockholm