Inequality leads to revolution – to make theater of a report

By on September 30, 2017
Ninja Hanna

Skillnadernas Stockholm are theater based on a report about the life in Stockholm’s 133 districts – an attempt circle people’s living conditions according to their education, work, support and life-span. Ellen Lamm directs and has written manuscript with the author and designer Eric Ericsson with animations by artist Lars Arrhenius (current with Cuckoo clock at the new central) along with writer Eric Ericsson. In the roles we see Allan Svensson, Annika Hallin, Johanna Lazcano and Zardasht Rad. First performance October 6 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm.

We live in a city where the subway is one of few public spaces where people from different worlds are at the same time. In what way does our life affect where we live? How can life expectancy be eight years higher than 14 subway stations away? Or, the caries risk in children increases by 300 percent depending on the district in which we live?

Why do you make a theater of a report?

– What triggered me in the report was the realization that the intuitive assumptions I made – that people’s lives are largely determined by the neighborhood in which you live – were well founded. It says, black on white, reported in numbers, with colorful boxes. The content of the report is politically explosive material. People’s well-being and health, upbringing and education, how the accommodation looks and how it affects one’s safety. It shows a social failure, says Ellen Lamm, director.

– A society that is simmering by inequality and injustice is historically always leading to revolution. This concerns us all, Ellen Lamm concludes.

The performance is part of the project Stockholm tells – Kulturhuset Stadsteaterns investment on documentary narrative – that initiated in spring 2016 by Dritëro Kasapi, Deputy Theater and Performing Arts Manager. The set is based on the Stockholm City Report, Stockholm’s Difference, which was developed in the context of a socially sustainable Stockholm. The report is written by Elisabet Bremberg and Helen Slättman, as well as Sustainability Manager Paul Alarcón at the City Management Office, Stockholm City. Stockholm’s room is located in the bottom of Kulturhuset. Daytime shows the exhibition “We are building a city to live in”.

Premiere October 6th in Stockholm

Director: Ellen Lamm
Script: Ellen Lamm and Eric Ericsson
Scenography, costume, light: Lars Östbergh
Mask: Sara Englund
Animations, Artistic Idea: Lars Arrhenius
Animator: Karl Sandzén
Contributors on the stage: Allan Svensson, Annika Hallin, Johanna Lazcano, Zardasht Rad

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm